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Corporate Office

             Mt. Pleasant Transfer, Inc.                                P.O. Box 467                                     Mt. Pleasant, TN 38474                            Phone: (931) 379-5521                     Fax: (931) 379-4414

Mt. Pleasant Terminal            Mt. Pleasant Transfer, Inc.  1201 North Main St.    Mt. Pleasant, TN 38474      Phone: (931) 379-5521      Fax: (931) 379-4414

Chattanooga Terminal            Mt. Pleasant Transfer, Inc.  100 East 28th St.    Chattanooga, TN 37410      Phone: (423) 266-7155    Fax: (423) 698-1204

Nashville Terminal            Mt. Pleasant Transfer, Inc.  109 Tredco Drive    Nashville, TN 37210      Phone: (615) 256-2007    Fax: (615) 256-9858

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In 1965, C.W. and Wilma Wade took a chance on Mt. Pleasant Transfer. They purchased the company and incorporated it into a family owned business. With a couple of trucks and trailers, they grew the company on a foundation of quality service with competitive rates, on-time deliveries while keeping the freight claim ratios low and next day deliveries in Tennessee and surrounding areas.

They grew Mt. Pleasant Transfer, Inc. with a clear vision, hard work, and perseverance based on the foundation they created in 1965. When C.W. Wade passed away he left two thoughts of wisdom to carry the company forward: have a willingness to change with the times and when we say we are going to do something, you know that our word is more than a promise made, it is a commitment delivered.

Mrs. Wilma Wade and her children, using the foundation that the company was started on, they have continued to grow and sustain a solid company that is still going strong 53 years later. We at Mt. Pleasant Transfer, Inc. want to earn your business.  Let us provide you with the highest level of service that will match all of your needs.

Mt. Pleasant Transfer, Inc.  1201 North Main St.   Mt. Pleasnat, TN   38474   931-379-5521  800-645-4345

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